(1) Limit of liability

Content of this website

The content of this website was prepared by Eltek Deutschland with the utmost care. Nevertheless, as the User you must accept the responsibility for independently checking the accuracy, integrity, current status and applicability of the content for your purposes.

External links

This website includes links to the websites of third parties - “external links”. These are subject to the liability of the operator concerned. Eltek Deutschland has checked the third party content for any infringement of rights at the time of initially creating the link. At that time there was no apparent infringement of rights. Eltek Deutschland has no influence whatever over the form and content of linked pages. The creation of an external link does not imply any responsibility on the part of Eltek Deutschland for the content of such a reference or link. After creating the link, in the absence of any concrete evidence of infringement of rights, Eltek Deutschland performs no further monitoring of external links. However, if any infringement of rights should become apparent Eltek Deutschland will delete such external links immediately.

(2) Copyright

The content and work published on this website is subject to copyright protection. Any exploitation or use, if not otherwise exempted, shall be subject to the prior written consent of the copyright holder concerned. This applies in particular to reproduction, processing, editing, translation, storing, rendition of content in data bases or other electronic media and systems. Contributions from third parties are identified as such.

Links to the Eltek Deutschland website are always welcome and do not require the permission of Eltek Deutschland. The presentation of this website in third-party frames is only permitted with the consent of Eltek Deutschland.

(3) Specific terms of use

Insofar as specific terms for individual use of this website differ from those stated under headings (1) to (3) above, this will be expressly noted at the appropriate point. In this event the specific terms of use will apply to the individual case.

(4) Registration, password

Some pages on the website may be password-protected. In the interests of business security, access to these pages is restricted to registered Users. Registration is subject to Eltek Deutschland’s discretion. Eltek Deutschland in particular reserves the right to make previously freely accessible web pages subject to registration. Eltek Deutschland reserves the right at all times to revoke any right of access by blocking the access data concerned, without stating a reason, particularly if the User:

  • gave false details on registration,

  • has infringed against these terms or against their obligation of due diligence in handling of the access data,

  • has infringed against applicable law in accessing or using the website, or

  • has not made use of the website for an extended period of time.

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